Friday Fitness Diary: Fuego, Fuego, My Legs Are On Fire

If you came here from my other blog, you may remember Fitness Friday. It only lasted a couple of months because there came a point when I stopped being involved in much fitness. I’ve slowly started easing back into exercise, so now Fridays will be where I outline what I did for the past week. Feel free to write about your current fitness regimen on your blog and leave a comment!

At our weekly Zumba class, we do a routine to a song that goes “Fuego, fuego, the roof is on fire…” and then some other stuff in Spanish that I don’t understand. It’s one of my favorite songs, although when we did it Monday, I felt like I was going to collapse. I actually felt that way a lot this week, probably because it was the first week where I’ve seriously exercised. But I also feel better than I’ve felt in a long time, so in the end, it’s all worth it.

I had a somewhat discouraging day on the job front, so I went for a run with my mom to let off steam. She took me on her favorite nature trail, about 3 or 4 miles over pretty rough terrain: sand, rocks, lots of hills. But also very enjoyable. I ran a total of 35 minutes – we stopped twice on two of the bigger hills.

The weekend started off with the best of intentions. My mom and I headed to the gym for our Zumba class, only to find out it was cancelled. My mom and I are very similar, in that when we found out, both of us were quite ready to turn around and go home. But my dad had come with us, and he had a workout planned, so we were forced to do something while we waited for him. I did free weights and abs for about 40 minutes, which wasn’t what I had planned, but was still something.

God rested on the Sabbath; so should we.

My mom and I went on the nature trail again Monday to make sure I could find my way on my own. I ran a total of 35 minutes. Monday night my mom and I tried Zumba again. It was a good workout, but after running that morning, my legs were worn out. I had to ice my knee when I got home.

I took our dog, Teddy, for a walk on the trail that my mom and I ran the day before. My mom said he knew the way even if I got confused. This turned out to be partly true. At one point I got confused and started walking one way. Teddy pulled back, letting me know it was wrong, but he couldn’t actually talk and tell me the right way to go. We found our way, though, and ended up walking for about 70 minutes total (It would have been faster, but Teddy likes to stop and smell the roses). After dinner that night, I went to the gym and did weights for about 30 minutes. Thankfully, my knee didn’t bother me at all.

My mom wasn’t up for running, but I felt like I could find my way on the nature trail alone, so I set off. I told myself I wanted to run the whole way, but wasn’t sure I could make it up the two biggest hills. But I had my iPod set to my favorite jams, and the Lord was gracious in giving me strength to finish the whole trail without stopping! I ran a total of 42 minutes and 45 seconds. Now I’ve got a time to beat! And while my legs were sore, my knee didn’t hurt. Praise the Lord!

Oh, knee. Why must you act up so? I went to Zumba again, and I tried to do all of the moves at the highest level of intensity. Not only was I very sweaty at the end of the hour, but my knee also started hurting a bit. I also signed up for “boot camp,” which will start Monday morning. At 5:30 a.m. This will be interesting. And, in order to maybe alleviate the knee issues, I got a new pair of shoes at the store, because the ones I have are getting a bit worn out, and the leg problems seem to be getting worse.

So there you have it. My week in fitness. I spent a total of 363 minutes working out, which evens out to about 6 hours. That was my goal, so I’m really happy that the Lord gave me grace to meet it!

I also have started drinking mostly water, which has helped immensely. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Stop by this weekend if you can, but make sure you come back Monday when we’ll be talking about sticking to the basics.

Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “Friday Fitness Diary: Fuego, Fuego, My Legs Are On Fire

  1. Jess

    wow. nothing to full force. when you’re into fitness, you’re into it, huh?

    i feel proud of myself when i exercise at least three times a week. for running, i simply haven’t been able to get past the 20-30 minute barrier, not because i’m necessarily tired, but because i’m BORED. and by running i mean jogging. i guess that is the downfall of a treadmill but i don’t have a good route outside that i want to run, so i just have to get over my boredom i guess! because i only jog for a short time at a slow speed, i max out at 2 miles. but there is a 5K here on Oct. 11 that I want to do. I doubt I could actually run it, so I will probably end up walking with people from work.

  2. I do tend to pick one extreme or the other. Depending on which extreme I’m at, it can be a good thing. 🙂

    Any goal is good, especially if you’re consistent. I may have exercised six days this week, but there were about three weeks when I didn’t exercise at all – which evens out to a terrible average.

    Treadmills do make it tough. Once I started running outside, my mood changed entirely. Do you think you’d be able to find a good route outside? At least for me, that made a huge difference!

    That’s awesome you’re thinking about a 5K… let me know how it goes!

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