This Week In Links: The Slapface Edition

The fall television season is almost upon us, and I’m starting to get excited. I’m not a very loyal TV watcher in general, and I don’t really watch that much TV, but there are a few shows I really like. One of my favorites, embarassingly enough, is Dancing With the Stars (sadly, I’m the only one in my family). But seriously, guys. This season, Rocco Dispirito is dancing! An amazing cook attempting to do amazing dances. It doesn’t get much better.

And, of course, The Office is coming back Sept. 25. I haven’t heard much about the plot (though there had better be Jim-Pam wedding bells), but there’s a pretty good promo video that’s like licking the brownie bowl while the brownies are cooking.

Actually, it’s not like that, because I used to want to just eat all the batter without cooking the brownies. In fact, once I made a list of things I would do when I “got to college,” which to me meant being able to do anything I want. I think there were a lot of things, but the two I remember are 1) Eat a bagel every morning for breakfast and 2) Eat a bowl of brownie batter. I don’t know why my parents weren’t more worried when I went off to school. Also, I love that both involved eating. Not surprising.

But I’m getting off track. I’ve rounded up some of the things I’ve most enjoyed around the Web this week, including the aforementioned Office promo.

{A new Olympic game} Courtesy of Jim Halpert. Every scene with Dwight is my favorite.

{On Mike and Firemen} The Pioneer Woman writes about her brother Mike. Me? I almost cried.

{LOST preview} For those of you who don’t get Entertainment Weekly’s e-mails, keeping you up-to-date with everything LOST. In the spring, I would read them out loud to my friend Jess at school. She loved it.

{Black-bottomed cupcakes} She says they’re just for rainy days, but I would beg to differ.

{Triplet baby meerkats} Josh Harris’ blog is changing focus. (Just kidding. I thought they were cute, too, Josh.)



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2 responses to “This Week In Links: The Slapface Edition

  1. Jess

    I LOVE black-bottomed cupcakes. I have been making them since high school and they are ALWAYS delicious – and a huge crowd-pleaser. 🙂

    I made them for work on Friday actually! I use a slightly different recipe – and way more chocolate chips!

  2. Too bad I found that recipe at the beginning of my new fitness regimen. I think I’m going to save it for when boot camp is over… as a reward!

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