Put Numbers In Your Cell Phone In Case Of Emergencies

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I don’t know how many people these days have a cell phone, but I’m guessing more people have them than don’t. I got my first cell phone for my eighteenth birthday, and I was thrilled. My youngest sister got her cell phone at age 13. Seriously?

Anyway, having a cell phone is, obviously, convenient, especially if you’re often away from your home. In college, my cell phone was my only phone, so I had it with me at all times.

Aside from using my cell phone to, er, call people, I also use it as a conglomerate for all those important numbers that are hard to find when you really need them. Even if you’re at home all day with your kids, keeping all those numbers in one place where they won’t get spilled on or erased can keep anxiety low in a high-pressure situation.

Some of the numbers that might be handy to have in your cell phone include:

  • your bank
  • your credit card company
  • your computer manufacturer
  • your auto mechanic
  • your doctor
  • a locksmith
  • your landlord
  • your telephone/internet provider

These are all numbers that can be found somewhere, but sometimes you just don’t have time to look for them. I first put my computer manufacturer’s number in my phone a couple years ago because I was having problems and had to keep calling them. I put my bank’s number in my phone after an experience when I was out of town and my debit card didn’t work.

Keeping those numbers in one place – and easily callable – definitely works for me.


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One response to “Put Numbers In Your Cell Phone In Case Of Emergencies

  1. Great idea! I don’t have any of those in my cell phone, but they definitely would come in handy. 😀

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

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