Friday Fitness Diary: The Wait-for-the-Whistle Edition

The first day of boot camp, our instructor (“E.”) told us we had to wait for the whistle before we started doing whatever it is we were supposed to do. It only took one time of not doing that to learn that we really wanted to wait for the whistle. One time, we had to do sprints. Another time, we had to do push-ups. After this happened several times in one day, every time E. would say “Alright, let’s go” someone would inevitably whisper loudly, “Wait for the whistle!” This has now become our mantra every time we’re about to run sprints or do circuit training. It’s good for discipline, I guess, but it wreaks havoc on your nerves.

I’ve been tracking my weight daily and my eating almost daily at The Daily Plate. They have a handy graph of your weight loss (or gain, as the case may be), so I took a screenshot (conveniently leaving out the actual numbers, of course). As you can see, my progress looks kind of like a crazy rollercoaster.

I’m not sure what’s up with this fluctuation, but I’m taking comfort in the fact that I haven’t gained weight. And in the last few days, I’ve definitely stayed more closely around the same weight (the vertical distance between intersections is one pound). And in the last three days, I’ve hit two of the lowest points so far.

Additionally, I feel like my pants are looser, so it could be that I’m gaining muscle and losing fat, which would be wonderful. I also read recently that sometimes when you first start a workout regimen, your weight stays about the same or you even gain weight, but after several weeks you start to lose weight fairly quickly. I’m hoping this is what’s going on.

Surprisingly, I’m kind of getting used to waking up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym. I think when boot camp is over I may still go in the mornings (but perhaps not quite so early). As long as I get to bed by 10 or so the night before, I can even stay awake all day without any problems.

As far as what I’ve actually done since last Friday, boot camp has pretty much been it. I did go to the gym for about 40 minutes on Tuesday, because E. gave us homework to go to the gym one other time besides boot camp. I only did abs and upper body, because my legs have been really sore from all the running we’ve been doing. I’m hoping next week to work out two times in addition to boot camp, just doing arms and abs.

What kinds of workouts have you guys been up to this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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6 responses to “Friday Fitness Diary: The Wait-for-the-Whistle Edition

  1. I noticed on your 101 list that you included purchasing WiiFit…well, that has been my workout for the past 126 days (the program keeps up with it for you). This week I have done WiiFit for at least 30 minutes three times; I also went for a nice, long, hilly walk for almost 45 minutes.

    I really would recommend WiiFit. It is not the best option for super-athletes (it would not pose much of a challenge), but for those of us who are a little more average, it offers just enough get your heart rate up to the right level for good aerobic exercise. It also gives you the option of a body test (weight and two balance tests) every time you workout, so knowing that I’m probably going to be weighing myself everyday makes me much more conscious of what I eat.

    On the down side, once you are in pretty good aerobic shape, it can seem a little unchallenging, but you can always supplement with other exercise. Also, some of the workouts can get a little boring after a time.

    Overall, I would highly recommend it. It’s a fun way to get moving and burn some calories!

  2. Jess

    I have gotten back into yoga this week, for the first time since like sophomore year of college. I don’t know why I ever stopped! I love it, and I totally forgot how hard it can be.

    I don’t want to pay for a gym membership, but my condo complex has a very small “gym” that I typically use. However, sometimes it is inexplicably locked, which totally ruins my plans and is so disappointing once I’ve worked up the energy to go in the first place. I guess I should learn to run outside, but I am clinging to the safety net of my treadmill.

    I also love to ride my bike, but I don’t know how great of exercise it is. When I go, I usually ride 4 or 5 miles, and sometimes I feel it in my legs, but it never gets my heart rate up.

    For the yoga, I DVR shows from FitTV so I can do them at my own schedule. Also “total body sculpt with gilad” – it sounds horrible, and sometimes it is, but overall he packs in a good bit of exercise in 20 minutes, and I can do it at home.

  3. @Mary Catherine – That makes me want to get a Wii Fit even more, although I’m already spending money on a gym membership (and I actually kind of enjoy going to the gym). I think even if I supplemented it with other workouts, like you mentioned, it would still be a nice way to break up the monotony!

    @Jess – That’s awesome that you’re getting into yoga! One of the ladies at boot camp said that pilates/yoga really helps with the soreness, so I’m thinking about trying some of the classes next week. It sounds like you’re really trying hard to workout, and that’s awesome!

  4. I agree with Mary Catherine. I finally was able to get my hands on a WiiFit, and I’ve really enjoyed it!

    One thing I really like about it is that it is constantly informing you of your balance and how to improve your balance while you are doing the exercises that only are effective if you use proper balance. That’s really nice because even though you don’t have an instructor there with you, if you obey what they’re telling you and you strive to have proper balance, you can tell the exercises are really working.

    The only complaint I really have is that after you complete an exercise you have to go select your next exercise. Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it sometimes can get you out of your groove. It would be nice if they had given an option where you could create a plan and then be able to go directly from one exercise to the other.

    Anyways, my WiiFit routine has consisted of:

    – On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I focus more on cardio. So I do a lot of the aerobics exercises (mostly the running and boxing).

    – On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I focus more on strength (i.e., pushups, and other stuff I forget the names for).

    – Then I do some of the yoga moves Monday through Saturday just to loosen up for the day. And I sometimes will do some of their games that help improve balance. However, I apparently have HORRIBLE balance, because I really suck at these games!

    – On the mornings of Monday – Thursday my workouts go for roughly 30 minutes. But because I don’t work on Friday or Saturday, those workouts usually go for about an hour (I include a lot more yoga and balance on these days)

    Anyways, that’s what my routine has looked like.

  5. Hdubs – what with your and Mary Catherine’s comment, I’m really itching to get a Wii with WiiFit. I’m interested to know where people got theirs – were you able to get a good deal online, or did you pay full retail price?

  6. Hdubs

    Well my family surprised me with the Wii about 2 years ago for my B-day. That was at the time when you couldn’t find them anywhere, but the Lord allowed my mom to randomly find one at Sears (or somewhere like that). Yes, they paid full price for it.

    I found the WiiFit at Game Stop in Columbia Place mall, and yeah, I paid full price.

    You could probably find a Wii for cheaper (but not a whole lot cheaper) on Ebay. But I doubt you could for the WiiFit. That is still selling out, so people are really raising up the prices on it on Ebay. But keep looking, you may find a good deal.

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