The Great October Blog Purge (Part 1)

In the two months when I didn’t have a job, and for most of the summer when I did have a job, I spent a whole bunch of time reading blogs. I started reading personal finance blogs over the summer, then moved on to fitness blogs, which led to cooking blogs, which… well, you get the picture.

It was no problem when I had hours upon hours to read all my subscriptions. But this week, what with my new job starting and all, I have constantly had unread items in Google Reader. And that drives me crazy.

When I checked last night, I had 164 subscriptions. Granted, some of those are sites that are rarely updated. But I’d say at least 100 of them post something every day, and that is a lot of reading. The problem is that many of the blogs are ones I added all at once, so I haven’t really had time to differentiate. It used to be I’d add one blog every couple weeks, and I really got to know the blogger through their posts. That’s still true of some of my oldest subscriptions, but some of the newer ones are just cluttering up my eyespace.

Thus, it’s time for The Great October Blog Purge. It’s hard for me to let go, so I’m going to be getting rid of at least five subscriptions a week for the rest of the month. That means by the end of October, I should be at least 20 subscriptions lighter. And, if my hypothesis is correct, I won’t even miss them much.

At the same time, I know what it’s like for your feed reader count to go down unexpectedly. It can be disheartening. So I’m going to link to all the blogs I’m unsubscribing from. Maybe some of you will decide to subscribe and cheer them up.

Because honestly, these are good blogs. There are just so many good blogs.

Without further ado, the first victims of the purge:

Cheap Healthy Good :: A food blog that posts a great compendium of links every week. There are great recipe ideas, great tips for being frugal, etc. Really well written.

Epicurious :: Great recipes, but they’re more gourmet and sometimes a little obscure. Also, only the picture and recipe title shows up in my feed reader. Most of the time, I don’t bother to click-through.

The Wisdom Journal :: A blog that focuses on wise living, mostly in the area of finances. In finance blogs especially, I’m finding a severe overlap of topics. Honestly, there is only so much you can write about, and very little of it hasn’t been done before. This one isn’t bad; it’s just one of my more recent subscriptions, and I have others that I’ve been reading longer that I felt worse about letting go.

Prime Time Money :: A personal finance blog that is much like others you may have read. Good tips, helpful posts, but not much different than the majority. See explanation above.

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl :: Because I consider myself a “Dietgirl,” I thought this blog would be good to read. And it is. But there isn’t a whole lot I’m not already reading elsewhere, and I don’t feel like I connected with the author as quickly as I have with other blogs. If you’re looking for a fitness blog to subscribe to, though, this could be the one.

Let me reiterate: These blogs are not “bad” blogs. It’s just that I have so many in my feed reader. I’ve got to start somewhere.

I would ask you guys which blogs you would recommend, but clearly I don’t need help in that area.

Instead, tell me how you read blogs. Do you use a feed reader, or do you just keep a few in your favorites? Do you subscribe by e-mail?



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7 responses to “The Great October Blog Purge (Part 1)

  1. PT

    Wow. Some nice link love prior to getting the boot. That’s a first. 🙂

    Thanks for reading while you did. Come back anytime.

  2. Ron

    Oh, I hate to see you go! I have a little over 200 in my Google Reader but I don’t read every one of them every day. I depend on the author to come up with a good, catchy title! Hehe!

    Come back and visit ANY time. And just to make you feel bad, I’m subscribing to your blog … just because you’re so nice!

  3. It was nice to have you for a wee while 🙂

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