Friday Fitness Diary: Some Goals are Made to Be… Flexible

On Tuesday I talked about some of the ab exercises I do, some of which I mention in this post.

Last week I mentioned four goals I wanted to accomplish this week. They were:

  • Go to the gym two times outside of boot camp; include abs, arms, push-ups/sit-ups and cardio
  • Attend one group exercise class outside of boot camp
  • Do push-up and sit-up sets Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Incorporate a plank exercise and “bicycles” into my abs routine

Saturday I let myself sleep in, but once I got up and synced my iPod with some new songs, I went immediately to the gym. I did ab work (including the plank and the bicycles), strength training for my arms, my push-up and sit-up sets and also spent 15 minutes on the elliptical. I was really tired when I was done, but I got through my entire workout checklist. One thing I realized was that if I want to really do good push-ups, I need to do them at the beginning of the workout. I can often do 10 if my arms aren’t tired, but because I did them after I’d worked out for 45 minutes, I could only pump them out 6 reps at a time. Total time: 65 minutes.

Monday morning I didn’t make it to boot camp – again. I took a nap Sunday afternoon, which was nice at the time, but I had a hard time falling asleep Sunday night. Going to boot camp then work on five hours of sleep was not exactly my idea of a good day. Instead, when I got home, my sister Dayna (14 years old) and I went for a 30 minute run/walk. She is wanting to run track and cross country next year and so she’s starting running from scratch, so I told her I’d go with her if it would help her be motivated. After we got back, I did my ab exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, plank, and bicycles). Total time: 45 minutes.

Tuesday Dayna was motivated again to run, so we went on another 30-ish minute run/walk together. We ran about half the time. When we got back, I did my abs workout again. Total time: 50 minutes.

I actually got up Wednesday morning for boot camp! I got a pretty good night’s sleep, and I was glad I went. It was a running day and I was really feeling it, so it wasn’t hard at all. I felt great when it was over. Total time: 60 minutes.

Thursday I went for another run/walk with Dayna. Her legs were sore so she headed home after we were about 15 minutes out, but I turned around and went away from our neighborhood. I ran up to the middle school near our house. They have a bus circle that I’m guessing is around 1/7 of a mile. I decided to run some intervals. I only did two, but it was a workout. My fastest time was 1:37. I want to break a minute. After that, I ran back home (a little more than a mile). What with the walking with Dayna, the walking up and down our neighborhood before and after the run and a cooldown walk after the intervals, I spent about an hour outside. I didn’t do any ab exercises when I got home, but I was exhausted. Total time: 60 minutes.

Well, how did I do on my goals? First of all, I spent 280 minutes exercising this week. This is much better than last week. I only went to the gym once outside of boot camp, but in all, I exercised four times outside of going to boot camp, which I think more than makes up for not doing my workout at the gym. I didn’t attend a group exercise class, but I did run with Dayna three times. She’s one of the best “groups” I know. I did my push-ups and sit-ups Saturday, Monday and Tuesday – good enough. And I incorporated planks and bicycles into my ab routine. Overall, I’m thankful for God’s grace in helping me meet so many of the goals this week.

Now it’s time for next week’s goals. I’m taking it up a notch:

  • Do three workouts in addition to going to boot camp
  • Exercise for a total of 340 minutes
  • Make it to boot camp all three times
  • At least once, do a four-interval workout up at the middle school
  • Run with Dayna at least once
  • Do an ab workout three times outside of boot camp

As always, feel free to leave a comment with your workout experiences from this week!


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