Easy Arm Exercises You Can Do At Home

Last week I mentioned some ab exercises you can do at home. This week, I’ve got some examples of arm exercises that are easy to do – even if you don’t have a membership at a gym.

These were part of the ab exercises, too, but push-ups remain one of the best exercises for working multiple muscle groups. These will work your chest as well as other hard to reach muscle groups. Can’t do a full push-up? Start on your knees until you can; just be sure to keep your rear end down.
Click through to see a video of how to properly perform a push-up.

I do these with a weight-assisted machine, so I’m not pulling up my whole body weight. But maybe you can do better chin-ups than I can; if so, go for it. This video purportedly shows 30 flawless chin-ups. But don’t be intimidated – do what you can.
Video: 30 Flawless Chin-ups.

These work your triceps, and can be done on any sort of bench or table. The video shows a woman doing it on a park bench, but you could do it on a much lower bench.
Tricep dips in the middle of the park.

Bicep curls.
The video I link to shows a man doing it with a weighted bar, but I do it with a free weight on each side. You could use anything at your house – a jug of water, a heavy basket – whatever. These are called “21s” because you do 7 reps of each kind: 1) from mid-torso up to your shoulders, 2) from all the way down to mid-torso and 3) a complete bicep curl.
Click through to see someone demonstrating a set of 21s.

Of course, there are tons of exercises you can do to work your arms, but these are the ones I think are easiest to do at your home. Any other ideas?


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