The Great October Blog Purge (Part 3)

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how unsubscribing from only 10 blogs in the last two weeks has really helped out in Google Reader. In fact, this week it was very difficult deciding which ones to let go. I think next will be even harder!

For more information on the Great October Blog Purge, check out the last two weeks of the purge.

This week, it’s a variety of blog genres – and, surprisingly, no personal finance blogs.

Cranky Fitness :: I’ve been interested to realize that I don’t enjoy reading fitness blogs as much as, say, personal finance blogs. I guess I have a broader range of knowledge about fitness than I do about finance, and it’s easier for topics to be less applicable to me since people differ so much in their fitness needs and wants. That said, Cranky Fitness is a refreshing read from women that covers a lot of different issues. They also have some great giveaways!

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar :: This one is going the same way as The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks – not because it isn’t funny, but because 1) I don’t need any more encouragement to be a grammar nerd and 2) It doesn’t encourage me like, say, personal finance blogs (can you tell I really like personal finance blogs?). If you are a stickler for appropriate diction, this is your blog. :: I subscribed to this blog after hearing numerous other blogs I read refer to it. Probably my only beef with it is that she doesn’t capitalize her sentences, but that’s minor compared to the depth of thought she puts into her writing. The real issue with removing this one from Google Reader is mostly that I have other blogs that I’ve been reading longer that are just as encouraging and thought-provoking, and really, I don’t have that many thoughts to be provoked in one day.

Owen Strachan :: I don’t even remember how I found Mr. Strachan’s blog, but he writes a lot of issues in Christianity. I think he’s an excellent writer, but his posts are sometimes long, and I feel like I never have time to read them. It makes me feel guilty. Then I remember I’m not obligated to read every blog post published online.

Baby Bangs :: A mom blog, which actually beats out personal finance blogs as my favorite kind to read. The interesting thing about these is that I really have to read them for a long time before I feel like I really “know” the blogger. Unfortunately, this is not a good time in my life for me to get to know bloggers who I don’t actually know. Sad.



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5 responses to “The Great October Blog Purge (Part 3)

  1. simplicity is a beautiful thing. even if my little piece of the bloggosphere didn’t make the final cut, it always is a lovely thing to know someone is simplifying. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Anne. 🙂 It really doesn’t bother me that you don’t capitalize your sentences, but so many people think of me as as grammar nerd, I felt I had to point it out. Have a blessed day!

  3. Huh…Owen Strachan was the Garrett Fellow (grader/TA) when I took a Theology and Culture class with Dr. Mohler. Totally unnecessary knowledge, but there it is nonetheless.

  4. you wouldn’t believe how many people i have ask “are the words in your book capitalized?”

    yes…sadly, a publisher wouldn’t let me go that far with my creative license. 🙂

  5. owenstrachan

    You’re very kind, Chelsy, and I will try to shorten my posts. I hear that from time to time, so it must be wisdom.

    I did indeed have Mary Catherine in class. She was an excellent student–hope you’re doing well, Mary Catherine.

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