Serving God by Serving Girls

Today’s a special edition of Works-for-me-Wednesday. Instead of focusing it on making my life easier, I’m hoping God will use this post to help out a fellow blogger. Thanks for stopping by from Shannon’s blog, but please don’t stay long! Go help Amy Beth!

I’ve been reading Amy Beth’s blog since the beginning of the summer, and I’m continually blessed by her heart for God. She heads up a ministry for girls in a small town in Tennessee not so far from where Christian is from, so I feel a special bond with her.

Her program, Starlite Ministries, serves elementary, middle and high school girls in her area. She does it by enlisting the help of college girls at the place where she went to college. Starlite is God-centered and girl-focused, and it’s not surprising that God has grown the ministry in big ways.

But times are tough. One of their biggest donors isn’t able to give as much this year, so Amy Beth has been looking for other ways to help fund Starlite.

She just posted about an opportunity from Microsoft on her blog. All you have to do is download a toolbar into Internet Explorer (I don’t even use Internet Explorer, so it doesn’t bother me at all to download it). Starlite will receive money based on the number of downloads.

Sure, obsessing over calendars and figuring out how to cure toothaches work for me, but serving God by serving these girls really works for me.

So head over to Amy Beth’s blog and download that toolbar!


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One response to “Serving God by Serving Girls

  1. As a woman in a male dominated field, I love opportunities to serve girls, thanks for the heads up!

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