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Easy Arm Exercises You Can Do At Home

Last week I mentioned some ab exercises you can do at home. This week, I’ve got some examples of arm exercises that are easy to do – even if you don’t have a membership at a gym.

These were part of the ab exercises, too, but push-ups remain one of the best exercises for working multiple muscle groups. These will work your chest as well as other hard to reach muscle groups. Can’t do a full push-up? Start on your knees until you can; just be sure to keep your rear end down.
Click through to see a video of how to properly perform a push-up.

I do these with a weight-assisted machine, so I’m not pulling up my whole body weight. But maybe you can do better chin-ups than I can; if so, go for it. This video purportedly shows 30 flawless chin-ups. But don’t be intimidated – do what you can.
Video: 30 Flawless Chin-ups.

These work your triceps, and can be done on any sort of bench or table. The video shows a woman doing it on a park bench, but you could do it on a much lower bench.
Tricep dips in the middle of the park.

Bicep curls.
The video I link to shows a man doing it with a weighted bar, but I do it with a free weight on each side. You could use anything at your house – a jug of water, a heavy basket – whatever. These are called “21s” because you do 7 reps of each kind: 1) from mid-torso up to your shoulders, 2) from all the way down to mid-torso and 3) a complete bicep curl.
Click through to see someone demonstrating a set of 21s.

Of course, there are tons of exercises you can do to work your arms, but these are the ones I think are easiest to do at your home. Any other ideas?


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Easy Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home

Disclaimer: I’m not a personal trainer, nor do I have an exceptional amount of experience in weight training. I took a really helpful weight training class in college and have worked out with people who have a lot of experience, so that’s where most of my knowledge comes from. That said, if you’ve never exercised before, make sure you see a doctor before starting a rigorous exercise routine.

I’ve been posting on Fridays about my weekly fitness, and I know I’ve been mentioning some things that may not be familiar to everyone. Of course, most people have done push-ups and sit-ups, but do you know how to do a proper plank? What about bicycles?

I have been incorporating 4-5 ab exercises into my workout at least three times a week. I don’t think I’ve been doing them long enough to show results, but I wanted to share them with those of you who may be looking for a way to tone up that belly.

I’ve been doing two sets of push-ups, alternating each set with a set of sit-ups. Right now, I can do two sets of 6 push-ups each.
See a YouTube video that shows the proper way to do a push-up.

Some people prefer crunches, but I like sit-ups better. I alternate a set of sit-ups with a set of push-ups. Right now, I’m doing two sets of 15 sit-ups each.
A great YouTube video that shows how to do sit-ups without hurting your back.

These aren’t bad for the first 5 seconds, but try doing them for 30 seconds. That’s all I can do right now, and when I’m done, I pretty much want to die. That said, they’re supposedly one of the best ab exercises you can do.
See the proper way to do bicycles for maximum benefit.

The plank.
This is actually a yoga/pilates move, but anyone can do it. It works the core of your body – where your abs are – and you can work up to holding it for longer and longer periods of time. I’m currently holding it for 30 seconds at a time.
See a video on YouTube of the proper way to perform this exercise.

Medicine ball crunches.
These are best when you have someone to do them with, but you can do them by yourself. I can’t find a video that shows how I do these, so I’ll try to explain. Take a medicine ball (I use a 4 pound ball) and get in sit-up position (I use the crunch machine at the gym). When your back is on the ground, hold the ball directly over your face. When you’re up at your knees, push the ball into the air and bring it back down before going back to the ground. If you have a partner, you can throw the ball to them when you come up and catch it when you come up the next time.

I’m finding that these exercises leave me sore the next day, so I think that means they’re working. What are your favorite ab exercises?

Next week: Exercises to strengthen your arm muscles.


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