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Friday Fitness Diary: Weight Watchers, Plantar Fasciitis and Epic Fails All Around

OK, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. But it was a difficult week physically on many levels. Weight Watchers ended up not working out, I developed a pretty severe foot problem and I went to the South Carolina State Fair. All things that were not working in my favor…

Why I Like Weight Watchers
I was really worried Monday morning when I tried to calculate how many points a piece of pizza was. Christian and I made a barbecue chicken pizza Saturday (using my garlic basil pizza dough recipe), and because it’s so delicious and somewhat time-intensive, I made an extra pizza to eat for lunch this week. I cut it into six slices and stored it in the fridge, planning to eat two pieces for lunch Monday. Then I started adding up the calories. I used three cups of flour to make the pizza, so one cup was in every two slices. One cup of flour was eight points! That didn’t include the cheese, chicken or sauce that was on top. I finally realized that if I didn’t want to use up all my points by lunchtime, I could only eat one piece of pizza.

I was really disappointed. Because I love to eat.

I went home for lunch and heated up my meager piece of pizza. But as I ate, I really enjoyed it. And instead of a second piece of pizza, I had some grapes, which were a much more accomodating one point.

When lunch was over, I liked that I felt satisfied, but not stuffed. I liked that knowing how many points the pizza was pushed me to find something that was good for me and worth fewer points.

Why Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work For Me – At Least Not Right Now
The biggest issue is that I am not responsible for what I eat most of the time. I buy my own breakfast cereal (because no one else likes what I like) and sometimes I mention to my dad what I want for lunch, but especially at dinner, I’m not the one making it. One night this week my mom, who was really stressed because my dad was out of town, made lasagna. One cup was seven points, and she put at least a cup and a half on my plate. And two breadsticks. I couldn’t turn it down, and honestly, even when I ate it, I was still kind of hungry.

When I’m married and living on my own and I’m responsible for grocery shopping, I think that it will be much easier, and I’m looking forward to trying Weight Watchers again.

It’s Not From The High Heels
About two weeks ago, the area between my heels and the middle of my foot starting hurting a lot. It would hurt a lot in the mornings, and it would hurt when I first got up after sitting down for a long time. I thought it was from wearing high heels to work, so I started wearing flats. It still hurt. Finally, I did some research online and found a much more plausible explanation: plantar fasciitis. It doesn’t actually bother me when I’m running, but the more stress I put on my feet, the more they hurt when I’m not running. I worked out Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, but I took a break until today. I’m hoping to do some light stuff tomorrow and see if my feet start feeling any better over the weekend.

Fried Mushrooms, Elephant Ears and Sore Feet
Needless to say, after deciding against Weight Watchers, taking a break from exercising and finding out my feet have a real problem, I made probably the worst decision ever: going to the S.C. State Fair. Christian and I walked around for several hours, me in very uncomfortable shoes, and we ate approximately 8,000 calories worth of fried food. When we left, I wanted to throw up and my feet felt like they might fall off. However, fried chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious, in case you were wondering.

I’m not going to check in on last week’s goals, because it’s too depressing. Instead, I’m going to make some new goals for next week that are a little more manageable:

  • Exercise three times
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day (I’m working up to eight)

Yep. That’s it. I hope I can come back next week with success stories instead of failures.

How was your week in terms of fitness?



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